About Us

New World Digital Art is a small business venture founded by Frank Basinski owned and managed by fellow VFX artist Danny Gordon. NWDA is a 3d environmental artist collective featuring top industry VFX artists specializing in varying 3d applications showcasing their work and offering their professional freelance services. (Film, TV, VFX & VR).

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Danny Gordon

Owner, and operator of New World Digital Art. Danny has been working with 3d digital landscapes for over 15 years.


Frank Basinksi

Founder of NWDA. Terragen artist for over 15 years.


Franck Doassans

3D landscape Artist specializing in Terragen


Martin Huisman

3D landscape Artist specializing in Terragen

Jan Walter Schliep

Veteran 3D plant-modeler for Xfrog, currently Senior 3D Artist at Laubwerk

Ulco Glimmerveen

30 years of experience in illustration, publication, and digital visualizations in architecture, and landscapes.

Ryan Archer

Veteran Terragen, photography and graphic design.

Luc Bianco

3D landscape Artist specializing in Terragen & Unreal Engine (UE4)

René Van Megen

A Terragen artist specializing in realistic virtual landscapes.

Alessandro Mastronardi

Veteran 3D sculpt & VFX artist specializing in ZBrush, Modo, Daz Studio, and Vue.

Christian Hecker (Tigaer)

3D Concept artist & matte painter working in Photoshop, Vue, and ZBrush.

Aron Kamolz

3D Landscape artist specializing in Houdini, Clarisse, and Vue.

Jordan Thompson

NWDA’s current web developer. Jordan is a freelance graphic artist, and digital landscape artist.

  • United States

Alessandro Mancini

Veteran 3D landscape artist specializing in Vue among other 3d applications.

Daniel Eskridge

3D Illustrator and landscape designer specializing in Blender, Poser, Vue, and ZBrush


Renato Pilloni

Environmental artist specializing in Vue

  • Italy